Respiratory illnesses, heart diseases on rise, say doctors

The doctors at the workshop said that cases of respiratory and heart diseases are on the rise and other experts raised the need to implement all emergency measures to tackle air pollution in Gurgaon. Dr said, "There has been an increase of at least 20% in new asthma patients, every two years. For those who are raised in Gurgaon, chances of developing lung diseases by old age are, of course, high."

Researcher said that both authorities and residents have to take responsibility to make a big difference. "Gurgaon is landlocked and thus dust gets trapped and has no way to leave the city. The city also doesn't have enough air pollution monitors. I think that small actions can make a difference and that all issues do not get equal attention," she said, addressing the gathering.

Many residents used the platform to ask questions to doctors and MCG officials to address their concerns over air pollution. The workshop included presentations and discussions on real-time air pollution data, discussion of problems and solutions by experts, discussion on impact on quality of life and diseases, and an interaction session with authorities. The objective of the programme was to evaluate steps that can be taken at an individual, community and city level to deal with the emergency situation.