About Heart InsureTM


The purpose of the Heart Insure™ program is to encourage healthy lifestyles and disease management for people living with heart disease. It also promotes building an alliance between medical professionals, care givers, the health industry and individuals for addressing heart disease and developing effective management programs.
The Heart Insure™ Program is designed to help build a better alliance between you and your doctors and other healthcare professionals. This alliance can provide you information and support for maintaining the lifestyle changes you need to make you remain healthy. The good news is that most patients with heart disease can lower their risk of future heart problems by changing to a healthier lifestyle.


Our mission is to help you understand heart disease, as well as providing diet, exercise, prevention/ management information and support for a healthier future.This is done by enrolling a post-angioplasty patient for a 3 year health monitoring & disease management strategy.


Our vision is to se technologies such as the internet, social media & personal health records to make information and learning tools more available, portable, and Usable. also to provide patient patients are provided with tools to help identify and reduce their heart disease risks & what steps they can take to reduce this risk.