Myth About Heart Disease

MYTH 1:   Those medicines for cholesterol will mess up your liver. Don't take them!

These medications are one of the most effective means to lower the risks of death and disability from diseases of the blood vessels (atherosclerosis and hardening of the arteries). Proper monitoring minimizes the incidence of side effects.

MYTH 2:   I'll know when it's time to stop smoking.

Politics and public relations campaigns aside, stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for yourself, before it's too late. This is only means of saving money while treating the disease. (Haven't they made enough money from you already?)

MYTH 3:   My blood pressure is running good on these pills, so I can stop them now.

Take your medications as prescribed until you're told not to. Don't just stop "because there were no more refills". Yes, it's not fair, it's inconvenient and an expense, but the medications work for you . . . only as long as you're taking them.

MYTH 4:   That pain can't be from my heart, it isn't severe enough.

Cardiologists do not want to make everyone neurotic, but on the other hand they are well aware of the many masks worn by blocked arteries to the heart. Don't take antacids when you should be calling 108

MYTH 5:   Exercise may help you lose weight and look good, but you won't live any longer.

You don't need to be an Olympic athlete to get great benefits from exercise. Walk a little every day . . . say 15 – 30 minutes a day . . . it is one of the very best investments you can make in yourself and in your health. There's no substitute!

MYTH 6:   Because of my heart attack, my whole life will change.

Wrong! It’s never too late to change your life style. 30% of all patients who survive a heart attack fall into low risk category. Heart attack victims do not have to become ‘cardiac cripples’ The average amount of energy expended during sex is equivalent to walking up a flight of stairs and sexual intercourse, contrary to popular belief, is a rare cause of sudden death.

MYTH 7:   Those nitroglycerin pills are dangerous!

If your doctor has given you a prescription for nitroglycerin, it is expected that you will really take it . . . it can provide simple and quick relief for a significant cardiac condition. Discuss any concerns with your doctor and/or pharmacist, but then take as directed!

MYTH 8:   My worries about heart disease are over since my heart surgery.

Definitely not true! Bypass surgery and angioplasty are only palliative and they do not address the real issue. Life style modification and medication are the best means of tackling the actual problem ‘atherosclerosis’

MYTH 9:   A few drinks every day are good for you.

If you drink alcohol already, you may realize some benefit in your cholesterol levels. However, moderation is clearly in order. Anti-oxidant benefit can be obtained from non-alcoholic beverages as well (and the taxes are lower).

MYTH 10:   Women don't get heart disease" or I'm too young to have a heart attack.

While there is a tendency for heart disease to occur most frequently in middle aged and older males, it does not respect age or a person's sex. It is wise to check things out if you're experiencing troubling symptoms, even if you don't have a "classic cardiac patient" profile.

MYTH 11:   You better quit work . Stress will kill you.

"Work" or "stress" are not necessarily bad for our hearts or ourselves. They can be enjoyable and help us grow and maintain our mental, emotional, and physical health. It is the hostility that sometimes involved that seems to be the issue. Mental health should not be neglected by anyone, but may be particularly important in dealing with heart disease.

MYTH 12:   You've got to die from something. Might as well go quick!.

To avoid sudden death, as well as a more prolonged and uncomfortable illness, follow the suggestions in the other 11 myths!