Even young women at risk of heart disease

If an obese woman has high cholesterol or hypertension, the protective hormone (estrogen) is not shielding her. Casting away this as a myth, a study done by Doctor
The study that included 40 patients from the PGIMER has recently been published in the prestigious international journal `Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry'. "It is frequent to come across at least two to three young females of CAD every month in cardiology clinic at PGI. Though conventio nal risk factors such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and abnormal cholesterol play an important role, inflammation has a significant contribution in pre-mature CAD in young women," said Doctor
"Premenopausal women have not been known to have CAD and also electrocardiogram and treadmill test may be falsely abnormal in women. All this makes it difficult to be detected," said Doctor
TTherefore, in pre-menopausal women, the study suggests certain investigations including the blood biomarkers in making an early diagnosis and management. In the present study, patients with CAD had a mean age of less than 43 years. The most common coronary involvement in premenopausal women was single-vessel disease.