'Wealthy, educated Indians more at heart disease risk'

Indians who are educated, have higher household wealth and boast of urban addresses are more prone to cardiovascular disease (CVD), a study done by researchers Indian males have a higher risk than females.
The study also found that wealthier people living in rural areas had the same risk as their urban counterparts, said Dr . Indians are pre-disposed to cardiac diseases, with heart attacks being the leading cause of deaths (almost 18% of all deaths). The study, published in PLOS Medicine , looked at health data of almost 8 lakh Indians from two big household surveys (Annual Health Survey round 2 and District Hevel Household and Facility Survey-round 4) that was carried out between 2012 and 2014.
This study demonstrates the need for research on diabetes and hypertension prevention and management in India. It also highlights the urgent need for elimination of artificial transfat and sodium reduction as well as reducing tobacco use.