Maha doc study finds 95% with ear crease have heart disease

In a country where heart diseases are the biggest killers claiming roughly 1.7 million lives annually, a rural doctor wants to revive the forgotten art of diagnosing cardiac problems by merely taking a closer look at the patient instead of subjecting him/her to a battery of diagnostic tests.
The diagonal earlobe crease (DELC) is one of the most visible telltales of a diseased heart, says Dr
Dr studied 888 patients who came with diseases common among Indians, such as diabetes and hypertension, and found that 95% of those who had an “ear crease” had ischemic heart disease (see box). “Of the 888 patients, 508 had an ear crease,” he said.
The doctor, whose work in snake and scorpion bites have earned international praise, believes the “ear crease” could serve as a surrogate marker for doctors in resource-crunch settings. “In India, the majority of chest pain victims first go to family physicians. At times, sudden death is the first and last manifestation of IHD,” Dr said.