Binge drinking may up heart disease risk in young adults

The study, performed on almost 5,000 young adults, showed that binge drinking has adverse health effects on both men and women.
While binge drinking men tend to develop higher systolic blood pressure and blood cholesterol, women are more likely to be diagnosed with high blood sugar levels.
"Compared to previous generations, the pervasiveness, intensity (number of drinks) and regularity (several times per week) of binge drinking may place today's young adult at greater risk for more profound rates of alcohol-attributable harm," said Researcher
Binge drinking is often defined as consuming five drinks or more in a row for men and 4 four or more drinks for women per occasion within a span of 30 days.
"Young adults should be screened and counselled about alcohol misuse, including binge drinking, and advised on how binge drinking may affect their cardiovascular health," he suggested.