Easy way to halve heart disease risk: Run just 7 minutes a day.

Run 7 minutes a day, throw the pills away, and still cut heart disease risk in half
In a new study from different Universities. They looked at the lives of 55,137 adults between ages 18 and 100.
What they found is an encouragement to anyone of any age, suffering from any sort of circulatory problem. Runners had a 30 percent lower risk of death across the board. Even better, daily runners had a 45 percent lower risk of death from heart disease and stroke.
The most remarkable aspect of the study was the average running time needed to obtain the positive results; heart disease risk was nearly cut in half for runners who ran just seven minutes a day! Exercising doesn't have to be time-consuming each day. Just 420 seconds of running can make all the difference in one's quality of life, allowing them to be free of mind from needing blood pressure medications and antidepressant prescriptions.
The greatest benefit was seen in runners who ran regularly for six years in a row. They effectively reduced their risk of death from heart disease or stroke by 50 percent!