Young men more likely to die from heart attacks on weekends

While heart attacks are different from cardiac arrests, the former increases the risk of the latter by a huge margin.
With heart-related ailments becoming more and more common among the younger crowd, a new study has suggested that the chances of young men dying of heart attack during the weekend are higher than women.
According to the research, young men were more susceptible to the "weekend effect", with a 15 percent increased risk of death compared to 11 percent for women. This may be because patients admitted at weekends may have to wait longer for reperfusion therapy to open occluded arteries and restore blood flow, the researchers said. "The delay in reperfusion during weekends may be more important in younger patients," added Researchers.
Further, the risk of dying during a weekend admission got progressively greater as age declined. Patients under 45 had a more than two-fold risk of dying at the weekend, while the excess risk in the over-75s was just five percent.
The results showed a 13 percent higher risk of death in those admitted at weekends compared to weekdays.